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As we said before IEnumerable is a configurable library that allows you to work or not with immutability and advanced object comparison. By default these features are enabled, but you can disable them as follow:

// here Enumerable is deep immutable and uses the advanced comparison algorithm
Enumerable.deepImmutable = false;
// Enumerable only uses the advanced comparison algorithm
Enumerable.deepComparison = false;
// here Enumerable works only with references, using === to compare object

// do some stuff

// here we can re-enable configs if needed
Enumerable.deepImmutable = true;
Enumerable.deepComparison = true;

Please note that you can enable and disable these features when you want based on your needs. For example, without immutability you can update objects by reference:

Enumerable.deepImmutable = false;

const data = [
    { foo: 'bar' },
    { foo: 'baz' },

          .where(x => x.foo !== 'bar')
          .update(x => {
            x.foo = 'bar';

// data is now modified:
// data = [
//     { foo: 'bar' },
//     { foo: 'bar' },
// ]

Please note also that immutability works only with serializable objects, so it won't work with functions for example.